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New Album Due Out November 4th!

Official release party at Vixen Hill Winery.

California Jeff & the 2018 NPR Tiny Desk Contest

For the second year in a row, California Jeff has cooked up a video for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest! There are 1000’s of amazing entries every year. Check them out if you have some time to spare. The “unknown” talent that surfaces for this contest is unbelievable. You can also watch tons of great Tiny Desk Concerts by pretty much any artists you can think. It’s a nice rabbit hole to go down! 

P.S. Look for John Prine’s from 3/12/18!


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California Jeff

California Jeff is a folk singer and songwriter based in central Illinois. Currently residing in Springfield, IL, the place of his birth but not of his raising. Jeff plays locally and travels around the Midwest strumming his Martin guitar, singing songs, and telling stories to anyone willing to listen. Wineries, breweries, bars, and backyards are his typical strumming grounds but no place is off limits or out of the question. Catch a live show if you can or check out his songs and videos online if you can’t.